Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Speculation is not what you think it is

Speculation is needed because without questions there would be no answers.

We live in a Brave New World. Where conformity breeds complacency and judgment proceeds evidence. As the global economy remains in pain, we all complain about the incompetencies of our world leaders. While we sit in our homes and wait for their government subsidies to survive. We keep giving government more and more power, thus leaving us with less and less rights.

We must fight conventional thinking and mainstream beliefs. We must go up against the corrupt individuals that led us here and question their actions, statements, and ideologies.

I am a normal student who looks ahead to his own future and sees many obstacles in his way. The biggest one standing right in front of me is a giant pile of BULLSHIT. The filthy and stinking crap of lies that spew out of people's mouths I hear everyday. CEOs, lawyers, politicians, bankers, salespeople, and the mass media. BSers are everywhere! For I have had enough of their nonsense. I say No More.

I am here to try to present to you a path that is not filled with sleazy deceptive BS. I want to provide an alternative route that feeds off of curiosity, skepticism, imagination and most importantly the Truth. The route's name is Speculation. It is the trading of financial instruments to generate a profit on the basis of one's opinion on a financial asset's perceived value.

BUT first, I must offset your initial cringe to the thought of “Speculation” or more formally named, stock market trading. Speculators are not all crazy, barbaric, and greedy individuals. Some are just normal and decent people who have a strong opinion of what's right and moral in society. For some, they provide the answers to necessary questions not asked in public due to ignorance.

I captured the following statements from a BBC interview with Hugh Hendry, a well established “Speculator”.

The typical attacks against Speculators:
Governments around the world say that “Speculation” causes huge instabilities in financial markets. The activities are quite damaging. Speculation is just pure gambling?!

The poetic response aimed at reasons why government officials are against "Speculators":

I represent their worst nightmare.
I represent to them the only member of our society
that can Stand Up to them and Challenge them.
I can say to these incredibly Important People,
“I Think You're Wrong.”
that Scares them.

The fact that we are willing to risk our money.
I think you should take that Seriously.
That is important.
We aren't reckless, we're typically wise.
And if we are betting in that manner,
it would be better to consider WHY we have that opinion.

(Hugh Hendry, 2010)

The economy is in free fall. Jobs are disappearing. People are drowning in debt.

So, What do you do?

Break free from “The Brave New World”


SPEC the Truth

Stayed Tuned to Learn More...

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